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He who wears the ugly sweater, must bear the weight of the shade.

where can i get tan's cookie monster sweater
[snsd] run devil run
Eleonore yelled at me to crosspost my review of last week's episodes here. So fine, I am doing so.

Don't click if you fear Tan shade.

The Heirs Episode 13
Princess Mononoke is my Queen !
So I know epiosde 13 was last week but there isn't a more recent post on this community plus this community was my idea so I can do whatever I want. Kay gonna stop complaining on my own now.

I don't know about you but I enjoyed the episode. Mainly because Tan gets hit all the time (ok just 5 times, but still) and there were also some pretty funny scenes. But sometimes I was just like Nooooooooo this cannot happen. To sum up I went pretty fangirly on this episode (but not as much as episode 15, new post comming up soon I hope)

As always I took some pictures, because
a) it's entertaining
b) I'm too lazy to write long posts (plus I wouldn't have time to write them)
c) Most of the time I'm too lazy to read long posts, so I guess some of you must have the same problem (if it's a problem)
d) Watching a series should also be about fun and snaps can be fun, at least they're not too intellectual (which is what I meant with fun)

Okay now, less talking more watching!

No need to say that if you haven't watched episode 13 yet, you probably shouldn't read/look any further...

[Here come the pictures]

I don't know what you thought of the first scene but I just made fun of it the hole time. I mean I have to say it (even though I hate the word) : it was cheesy even for K-drama !

And then THIS happened !!!

I mean I was shocked! K-drama is supposed to be soft right?
And maybe if the entire world didn't hate Eun sang and Tan (as a couple) this scene could have been cute... buuuuut NO.

Okay I don't have time to post everything so I'm gonna select some of the best moments of the episode.

The sexiest pose with Kim Tan (while eating I must add!)

The stalker/gossip guy of the episode was definitvely Myung Soo!

I mean he spent the entire night in the cold just to get this one picture (he tots deserves the stalker price!) :

The most pervert look ... Kim Tan looking at Myung Soo

Now Tan you must admit you had some nasty thoughts crossing your mind at this moment!

THE scene you wish didn't happen! of course it involves Tan & Eun Sang with "The Handtest n°2"

But still it happened... urg (vomit)

The best clash goes to Hyun Joo (Yeah love you girl <3)

And Yes. Your eyebrows are that high!

The best additional shipping material (sorry I had no better name) Cha Eun Sang AAAAAAAND Lee Bo Na !!! (I know some will be happy about this)

Yeah Lee Bo Na you're the best and real saviour <3 ...but we all know Eun Sang didn't just 'spent the night' !

I'm just saying that Lee Bo Na is becoming Eun Sang's new knight in shining armor and there is nothing we can do about it!

I'm gonna finish with...
The worst outfit because there always is one in this show! Young Do, you won this one... nothing to be proud of.

I had not planned this post like that at all but I'm too tired to change anything now ^^'
I know I mentioned the Tan hitting part earlier but I'll probably post something about it later, need to sleep now!

Anyway, I K-sex you all out there with all my love <3


And share your thoughts on episode 13 ! :)

Sweaters and sundry things
ton âge au fond d&#39;un verre duralex
First post, ahoy!

Because of logistic reasons, I'm posting this for sissimoc.

pic spam for episodes 1 to 12, so beware of spoilers. do we even need a warning for tan shade anymore?Collapse )


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